Meth Decontamination
Nelson & Upper South Island

Decontaminating Your Home From Methamphetamine Use Is Important For Your Health. For Rental Properties, It’s The Law.

If you’ve recently discovered meth contamination in your home, workplace or rental property, contact us for a meth decontamination quote. We are highly qualified and trained by industry experts and know how to remove decontamination the most efficient and thorough way.

Why do you need to decontaminate after meth use?

If methamphetamines have been used or cooked on your property, the resulting toxic chemical cocktail leaches into walls, ceilings and soft furnishings. These chemicals can be breathed in by occupiers and can have bad side effects, particularly in children and pets.

The NZ standard for acceptable chemical contaminates is 1.5 micrograms of methamphetamine per 100 square centimetres of surface. Anything over that needs to be decontaminated as per standards outlined in NZS 8510:2017.

Meth property assessment

The first thing we do is make a full review of the supplied meth test report of the property, which is completed by an independent meth testing company.

We find out how serious the contamination is. The chemicals may not be through the entire house, or they may be concentrated in some areas. This means that we can create a cost-effective plan where only affected rooms are treated and that doesn’t always mean stripping everything from the interior.

We work with drug testing companies, insurance companies, property management companies, real estate agents and you, to develop a thorough decontamination plan.

How we remove methamphetamine contamination

We use the latest methamphetamine decontamination technology and equipment, alongside Apple Environmental meth remover, to ensure your property meets the NZ meth contamination standards NZS 8510:2017.

The Apple Environmental meth remover solution has been specially developed to break down meth residue. It is non-corrosive, non-hazardous, environmentally positive, with no bleach or phenol. There are no toxic residue or smells left afterwards.

Our staff wear all appropriate PPE in line with current health and safety requirements. We are highly trained, and the meth removal is carried out safely and in line with current guidelines and best practices.

Upper South Island meth decontamination services

For any queries regarding methamphetamine decontamination please call the Diverse team today on 0220683278. You can also email us or use our contact form. We offer a confidential, discrete and competitively priced service so your property is safe for use.